Muselina facial de algodón con la etiqueta Khorali indicada para la limpieza facial.

Facial muslin

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If you are one of those who prioritize cleaning your skin over any other treatment, facial muslin is for you . Made of 100% muslin cotton, it helps to perform a gentle and respectful cleaning.

¿Why it will captivate you?

- Because it is made with 100% cotton.

- Because it is reusable.

- Because of its softness. Nothing aggressive for your skin. Suitable even for children's and delicate skin. The more it is used, the more fluff it gets.

- Because it will become one of your essential essentials

¿How to use it?

Apply the Cleansing Balm to your face. Dip the muslin in warm water and fully unfolded, place it on your face. Rub gently over face to remove dirt.

If you do not use the Cleansing Balm, you can use the muslin with the Facial Soap and using the same procedure. Whatever cleansing product you use, muslin will help you clean your face.

After use, wash with soap and allow to air dry. Do not use dryer. The more it is used, the more soft and fluffy it becomes. You can wash in the washing machine once a week at no more than 30º.

100% sustainable cotton Love planet Zero wasteste

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