Esponja de konjac facial, de la marca Khorali y con cordel para colgar.

Natural konjac facial sponge

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This sponge is so, but so soft that just by its use and its composition, you are already favoring your skin. The konjac plant is native to Asia and grows in high altitude locations. 95% of its composition is water and the rest minerals. The part that is used for the sponge is the root.

The 100% natural konjac sponge is the best option to clean your skin. It will be enough to wet it until it is hydrated, apply the facial cleanser on it and gently rub it on your face, neck and décolleté.

¿Why it will captivate you?

- Because it is made with natural konjac fiber.

- Because it is biodegradable.

- Because it will clean your skin gently and effectively. It will exfoliate it slightly, removing dead cells effectively and gently.

- Because of its softness. Nothing aggressive for your skin. Suitable even for children's and delicate skin.

- Because it will become one of your essential essentials

¿How to use it?

¡Never use it dry!

Its surface is rough until it hydrates for a few seconds in water. It doubles its volume, precisely its ability to absorb water to release it later while you clean your skin is its great peculiarity. After moisturizing it, wring it out, add a little of your cleansing product and rub it on the desired skin surface. Use circular motions. Subsequently, rinse the soapy area with water.

After each use, rinse it well with water and let it air dry hanging from the built-in string. The next day it will have hardened again. This process is completely normal.

100% natural Sustainable Love planet Zero wasteste

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