Discoa faciles de algodón, reutilizables y respetuosos con las pieles más delicadas y exigentes.

Reusable facial discs

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We are not going to deny that wearing and throwing away is super comfortable. But ... a bit of a selfish habit. True The problem is that we are not aware of the tons of waste that we are leaving behind. Reusable cotton pads are the best alternative to take care of your skin and for a greater respect for the planet.a.

It is time that we promote healthy habits for our planet, after all it is the legacy that we will leave to our children. It only takes 28 days to acquire a new habit. Why don't you start the countdown nows?

¿Why it will captivate you?

- Because of its softness. Nothing aggressive for your skin. Soft and effective, but also firm and resistant.

- For its durability and savings. The life of reusable facial discs is long. They require very little care. Just wash gently with soap after use, without rubbing too much and letting it air dry. Despite carrying a bag to wash them in the washing machine, it is not necessary to do so. Remember that when applying the tonic with them, your skin will be clean, with which there will be very little dirt that will accumulate.

- They do not generate waste. They are made of 100% cotton and you will avoid using two cottons per day, 60 per month and 730 per year. What do you thinks?


After washing your skin, apply toner on the cotton and gently rub it over the face, neck and décolleté. After each use wash it with soap and let it air dry. If you prefer, you can wash them in the washing machine inside the mesh bag at no more than 30º, although washing them by hand daily will be more than enough to keep them in good hygiene.

100% cotton Sustainable Love planet Zero wasteste

3 reusable discs + kraft box.

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