¬ŅPor qu√© es necesario realizar una rutina de limpieza facial?

¬ŅPor qu√© es necesario realizar una rutina de limpieza facial?

One of the best routines that you can contribute to your skin is that of daily cleansing. By doing so, you will be removing dead cells and consequently, providing shine and vitality to the skin.

It is true that tiredness invades us every night and we think; "Well, today I do it anyway ... or directly, I don't." But the skin does not forget and the same as you notice a cared skin day after day , you also notice a sloppy skin. A complexion that accumulates dirt night after night turns into a dull, aged and gray complexion.

It is very important to carry out a facial cleansing every morning and every night , before we go to sleep. The importance of facial cleansing is none other than avoiding premature aging. This can only be achieved by removing dead cells every day. In addition, we not only clean our skin to remove dead cells, but to remove the dirt that adheres to our skin on a daily basis simply by going outside. In cities there is a lot of pollution, and this translates into dirt for our skin.

¬ŅHow to do a facial cleansing¬† In the morning it would be enough to wash with the Facial Soap and then pass a cotton ball soaked in the Facial Toner.

At night cleaning has to be more meticulous, since there is accumulated dirt. Start with an oil-based product, such as Cleansing Balm, massage all over the areas, soak the muslin in warm water, and remove the product. Continue with the Facial Soap and finish with the Facial Toner.

Clean and healthy skin . Prepared for you to then give him a banquet with organic products, with a high concentration of assets.

Do not forget to apply the Comfort Serum and finally finish with the Antioxidant Cream or the Regenerating Cream.

Your skin will acquire a healthy shine , without masks. Show off your skin.

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