¬ŅQuieres saber qu√© te pones sobre tu piel? | INCI

¬ŅQuieres saber qu√© te pones sobre tu piel? | INCI

ÔĽŅThe ideal when buying a cosmetic product would be to know what it contains. In fact, the information is perfectly specified on the labeling. The ingredient list of a cosmetic is called INCI.
The INCI is the international nomenclature of cosmetic ingredients (International Nomenclature Cosmetics Ingredients). Hence the importance of understanding it, to better choose our cosmetic products. By law the manufacturer or distributor is obliged to put on the labeling one by one the ingredients that are present in higher to lower quantity in the cosmetic product.
But how do you read the label of a cosmetic? Unfortunately the size of the letter required by the regulations, 1.2 mm is completely insufficient, for many people it is completely impossible to know what it specifies.a.
Apart from this small detail, you should know that the ingredients are listed from highest to lowest amount in the formula. The ones that have higher proportion will go at the beginning and those that are in smaller quantities will appear at the end although it is not mandatory to indicate in what percentage each one is. For this reason, in an emulsion or tonic, generally water is usually the first on the list.
However, when the amounts are less than 1%, it is no longer necessary to follow the descending order but they are listed in no particular order after the ingredients that appear in the highest proportion. Ingredients must be specified with their scientific name, in English and Latin.
So far very good true Small print and scientific name that most consumers do not really know what it is. You, who are a person who wants to know what you consume, you access this information but you end up with it, that is, with nothing. At most, if you are a demanding and curious person, you will look for these ingredients in other sources of information. In short, a great investment of time.o.
¬ŅWhat you will find on our labels Basically what the regulations mark, it would be missing more! The space in them does not allow us to offer you much more information. But, as you may have seen on our website, in the file of each product, you will be able to know what ingredients make up each and every one of the formulas, since, apart from the list in English and Latin, its corresponding translation into Spanish appears.o.
But that's not all, by accessing the "raw material" section you can have more information about each of the ingredients, both their properties and the products that carry them.
We like to be transparent and that with all the information in hand, you can choose what to wear on your skin.


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