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Make no mistake, the cosmetic world is designed for women (for now). But more and more, they are occupying a not inconsiderable plot of prominence. Although it is no longer about differentiating between genders, but about treating and caring for the different types of skin that exist. 

The universebeauty It is ceasing to be feminine territory and more and more, men dedicate time and products to take care of their skin. There should not be any kind of distinction between genders. Why not being able to share cosmetic products without distinction of genderss? 

Let's start to explain it with some examples. Statistically, men tend to look for cosmetics with an anti-fatigue effect more frequently, but if a woman and a man have a tired face, they can both have exactly the same treatment. It has nothing to do with your gender. If we want an anti-pollution cosmetic, it will be indifferent for which skin it is intended, just as if we seek an antioxidant effect to make our skin radiate splendor. And let's not talk about cleaning the skin anymore, precisely today that outlined eyes and colored lips are normalizing ... between the millennial generation and the generation Z.

We all seek the same goals when buying a cosmetic. At Khorali we do not distinguish between genders, we only look at the needs of each skin. We understand that all skins have common needs, regardless of that, our message will always be the same:


All Khorali products are formulated with perfectly adapted textures and aromas that will never make you identify by a specific gender. 

¬°¬°Demystify cosmetic products, share them and enjoy healthy and beautiful skin!


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